Top List of Mobile Apps for Intraday Trading:

Top List of Mobile Apps for Intraday Trading:

1.    Money-Control App:

It is the greatest standard mobile application for the intraday stock trading network. Network 18 owns this application. The app offers huge facts about stock markets. Furthermore, it is easy and simple to track stock values using this app. You will search all the newest news and data about the stock markets and companies on this application. Likewise, the app delivers a forum where investors or attentive people can post their opinions on different stocks. Also, you will find the values of international indices and domestic indices on the application. The application both supports Android and iOS platforms on the device.

2.    Yahoo Finance App:

Yahoo Finance application is a definitive mobile app for day traders. It delivers real-time standarads keeps informed. Also, the application delivers news and data on the stocks. It proposes live streaming of both NSE and BSE estimates. The trader wants to only log in by making an account on the application. Likewise, it provides you the option to make infinite watch lists. Moreover, you can add as many holdings as you want to improve.  The app is accessible on the Google play store for Android mobile users. Similarly, this application is also accessible on The Apple store for iOS users.

3.    NSE-Mobile Trading App:

The NSE-mobile trading application delivers live streaming of NSE prices and market monitoring structures. Also, the logical charts assist the trader to comprehend the everyday movements of the stock prices. Furthermore, the application delivers trading across different benefit classes like justices, possessions, currency, offers for sale, etc. The investor can trade by creating an account on the NSE application. The application supports both Android and iOS platforms for its users.

4.    IIFL Markets:

IIFL Markets is another standard mobile trading application that permits the trader to trade on both platforms NSE and BSE. Like other applications, this app also delivers live quotes, news, data, and charts of diverse stocks. Furthermore, the app delivers an expert’s opinion on diverse stocks. Also, it proposes the traders taking places in different writings. Approximately interesting features on the app comprise price alert emails, a customization watch list, etc. India Infoline Ltd. possesses this application. This application can run on both Android and iOS platforms for its users.

5.    BSE India:

BSE India application (Bombay Stock Exchange) delivers the happenings of the stock markets in nine dissimilar languages. Besides that, its home page is customization as per the requirements of the investor. The application offers fast updates on company outcomes, declarations, board meetings, etc. Also, the app runs efficiently on all mobile platforms. This makes the app extensively satisfactory. The live estimates along with the graphs and other facts help the intraday traders to take the correct location. Furthermore, this application retains the traders updated about the ever-changing capital market.

These are some well-known and top mobile applications for intraday traders in India. Though, for international investors, also there are other mobile apps. Thus, let us have a guise at two of the standard worldwide mobile applications for intraday traders.

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