Top 3 Bespoke Cardboard Boxes To Know About

Bespoke Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are an integral part of our life. Either for storing or for shipping items, we need cardboard boxes of different types in different shapes and sizes. Cardboard boxes help us in so many ways. They are strong, robust, sturdy and durable which means that they protect the items from all possible damage. They are made up of recyclable and reusable raw materials and therefore, are sustainable and eco-friendly in nature. This means apart from protecting the items from damage, they also protect the environment from further depletion.

It means that we can use these packaging boxes for gardening as well. Not just that, we can use them for art and craft, for decorating the interior of the house and we can use them as gift boxes and give them to our loved ones. Apart from these, we can also use them for building shelters for stray animals and birds. This shows that cardboard boxes are meant for multipurpose activities. In fact they are designed in such a way that we can even deliver food in these boxes. With all these characteristics cardboard boxes are on huge demand. However, bespoke cardboard boxes are the ones which are on trend these days. They have all the characteristics mentioned above and apart from that since they can be customised, hence, they help in boosting your brand image in the competitive market.

In this article we shall be looking at the top three bespoke boxes made up of cardboard which we can use for various purposes. We have different cardboard box suppliers out there in the market who provide us with different kinds of bespoke boxes for our use. Only make sure that the custom made boxes which you are choosing for your personal or professional use are strong and eco-friendly. You can order these boxes from different websites as well. Packaging Midlands is one such website in the UK which provides you with different types of packaging supplies, including custom made boxes at an affordable rate. Let us now have a look at top 3 custom made boxes which can be used for various purposes.

Custom die-cut boxes

Among all the bespoke boxes out there, custom die-cut boxes are distinctive because of their flexibility and precision. As the name suggests, these bespoke boxes are designed by the method of die-cutting. This process gives the process intricate shapes and designs which one would not find in conventional packaging boxes. This process of customising the boxes ensures a perfect fit for the items to be packed inside the boxes and also ensures that the items are perfectly safe inside them. The process also involves the creation of custom die and cutting form so that the boxes are available in different shapes and sizes. This gives a unique feature to the boxes apart from ensuring the safety of the items to be packed inside them. Overall, these boxes provide a memorable unboxing experience for the customers and also a great option to boost the business.

Printed boxes

Printed boxes are the most common type of boxes used in the packaging and eCommerce industries. It is a kind of box which comes with a layer of storytelling, depicting the interesting story of the brand with which the customers are connected to or acquainted with. These boxes are colourful and the colours are chosen according to the theme and motif of the brand. Apart from that the one will find either the name or the brand of the logo printed on the boxes. Not just that, sometimes there is some important information regarding the brand or the item packed inside which are found printed on the boxes. Sometimes, one will also find QR code on the boxes so that when customers scan the code, they will tend to know more about the brand. In a way a printed box is interactive to the customers. Also to make the box look more attractive, sometimes the name of the customer is also engraved on it. In a way, if you are planning to boost your brand and make it reach a broad spectrum, printed custom boxes will be a great help to you.

Self seal custom boxes

Self seal custom boxes are gaining more prominence these days. You do not even need a vibac tape to seal the boxes as they are self sealable. These boxes are highly functional. Some custom made packaging boxes come with a magnetic closure. Along with this mechanism, they also make the boxes look more sophisticated and luxurious. The magnet ensures a secure closure of the box and also an easy opening of the box, hence, promoting a smooth unboxing experience. It also ensures that the items inside the boxes are safe from all external forces. These boxes can be used for shipping various items, such as jewellery, cosmetics, electronics, gift items and so on. It shows that a self seal custom box is highly versatile in nature. They are available in different shapes and sizes and you can find them in different designs as well. These durable custom made boxes are taking the market by storm.

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