The Best Craft Breweries in Indianapolis


Reasons like relocating for work or family might be why you are looking at Houses for rent in Indianapolis in the first place. As the apartment hunting goes on, you’ll find yourself wondering what else there’s going to be that makes your new city feel like home. It’s not yet well known outside of Indianapolis, but the city has become quite the hub for beer lovers thanks to a strong craft brewery scene.

If you love a good beer, the only problem you’ll have here is struggling to wade through all the great options throughout the city. For those you tend to not love beer, still give these places suggested here a try. Craft breweries can really work some magic when it comes to making beers for each and every type of taste palette.

Sun King Brewery

When it’s time to start the initial brewery tour of Indianapolis, it’s only right to first pay your respects to the legend in town. Sun King first opened their doors in 2009 and have been the city’s favorite since their inception. The main reason for this is that it was the first full-scale brewery to be back in the city since the closing of Indianapolis Brewing Company all the way back in 1948.

Sun King doesn’t only get love because they kicked off the current brewery revival, it’s the quality of their product as well. While serving as the second largest in the state of Indiana itself, Sun King hasn’t only been recognized locally. It has received national acclaim from the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup.

St. Joseph Brewery

As much as everyone loves the classic brewery aesthetic, it’s often more intriguing when that convention is subverted. As it’s easy to imagine by the name, St. Joseph Brewery operates in what was a former Catholic Church. The building has long stood in the city and its second life offers guests a chance to feel cozy all while taking in the weight of history that comes with the building.

St. Joseph’s hasn’t abandoned the location’s past either as all of their beers are named with religious themes and imagery in mind, such as the Confessional IPA and the Benevolent Blond. The place is also known locally as quite the place to dine with a menu consisting of bar classics and higher-end options.

Chilly Water Brewing Co

For those who will be as new to craft beers as they will be Indianapolis itself, they might feel most comfortable starting with a nice, simple classic. If that sounds like the route you’d like to take, the beers you’ll want are either a lager or a pilsner and Chilly Water is the place to have either. Don’t feel like you’ll be bored if your beer tastes are a little more advanced as they have plenty of options for every level of enthusiasts.

Another reason this’ll be a great place for those who are new to the city is the brewery’s location. It’s right off the Cultural Trail and their patio takes full advantage of the location and offers a spectacular view of what’ll be your new home.

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