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The Automatic door Providers

In 1997, Automatic Door and Hardwarewas founded to provide customers with steel doors, frames, and commercial Hardware as quickly as feasible. From its humble beginnings in 1997, The company has expanded tremendously.

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Even thoughthey are a much larger organization, you can count on receiving excellent service from us. Their order is shipped promptly, and they appreciate the business. It is now one of the largest commercial fire-rated hollow metal steel door and frame manufacturers in the United States.

Numerous commercial hardware brands and thousands of fire-rated metal door and frame sizes are available. Their customer care team comprisescommercial door and hardware sales and service professionals. Commercial door controls include ADA handicap door operators and replacement parts for automatic doors.

Automatic doors

Swing and Folding Door Systems

Providing a complete line of swinging and folding access options.


  • Adjustable opening 
  • Adjustable time delay closure (2-30 seconds) (2-30 seconds)
  • Push-and-Go activation
  • Reverses a closing door with the SoftTouch safety feature.
  • Obstruction sensing reduces opening speed when impeded


Single, pair, or double egress door operation

In-swing, out-swing, and left or right-handed operation are all available options.

Available as a surface applied or overhead concealed package (including with door and frame) (complete with door and frame).

Low Energy and Full Power Swing

Swing doors are available from Automatic Door and Hardware and offer complete power swing doors for heavy traffic situations. It can be used with any electrical or mechanical device that uses an inswing or an outswing and is available in left- or right-handed versions.

Sliding Doors Systems

Sliding door systems manufactured by Automatic Door and Hardware are frequently used in various commercial and industrial settings. Automatic Door and Hardware is the only company in this sector that can compete with the variety of product offerings they provide.

Revolving Doors

The Automatic Door and Its Components The spectacular architectural appeal, high energy efficiency, and capacity to manage large amounts of foot traffic are all benefits of revolving door systems.

Healthcare Specialty Doors

Automatic Doors and Hardware make a difference in patients’ quality of care and the number of timeshospitals save, thanks to the industry’s most comprehensive range of healthcare goods.

Platform Screen Doors

Automatic Door and Hardware provides various customized solutions for use in rail applications of all kinds. Our design teams take great satisfaction in their ability to find complex solutions to meet the problems presented by each one of the one-of-a-kind projects we undertake. We can manage all project stages, beginning with engineering and design and continuing through post-sales support.

Automatic doors

It is recommended to install automatic doors in nursing homes and other types of assisted living facilities. They make life easier and guarantee one’s safety. This technology can either facilitate or restrict individuals’ ability to live independently, depending on the particulars of each installation. It’s possible that caregivers working in facilities that shelter older people will find that including automatic doors in their arsenal of safety measures is advantageous. Automated doors are an excellent choice for establishments that, regardless of the mobility limitations of their customers, employees, or guests, wish to make it simpler for people to move about the building.

Buy automatic doors from automatic doors and Hardware

Automatic doors & Hardware places a high value on every one of our clients, which is why we exert great effort to accomplish your order in the shortest amount of time possible. Today, automatic Doors and Hardware are regarded as one of the most prominent suppliers of commercial fire-certified hollow metal steel doors, frames, and commercial Hardware in the United States. In addition to the myriad of the fire-rated metal door and frame sizes, they also carry a large selection of commercial Hardware from various manufacturers, including hundreds of distinct brands. Their customer service specialists are competent individuals with extensive experience in commercial doors and Hardware. In addition, they have a complete crew dedicated only to business door controls, such as automated door replacement parts and ADA handicap door operators, among other commercial door control-related products.

We have implemented over fifty people mover systems at airports worldwide, also known as APMs. We are incredibly pleased with Automatic Door and Hardware’s Platform Screen Door solutions, which assist people in traveling to different parts of the world daily.

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