Space junk weighing 3 tons to make a hole in the moon

The US Space Command has now confirmed that the moon would fall prey to the remains of a rocket. But unfortunately it will miss the eyes of telescopes placed on Earth. The said rocket is speeding at a considerably fast pace and will create a crater on the moon. Read everything researchers said about the rocket below.

About the crash on the moon

The moon will be hit by the debris of a rocket on Friday, March 4. Astronomers have predicted that the remains of the rocket, which will be difficult to trace with telescopes on Earth, will fly at a speed of 9,300 km/h. The rubble would weigh almost 3 tons. The moon has a charge of craters on its surface up to 1,600 miles (2,500 kilometers).

ALSO SEEResearchers confirm debris from a Chinese rocket to land land on the moon; Chinese ministry denies claims

This is because the moon is defenseless against the constant barrage of meteors and asteroids, and the occasional incoming spacecraft. With the lack of weather there is no erosion and so impact craters last forever. This episode will also affect the moon and create a crater that can vary between 10 and 20 meters.

Is it China’s fault?

In particular, an astronomer had stated that a Chinese rocket could be responsible for the crash. However, the astronomers named Bill Gary initially predicted that the debris could actually be from a SpaceX rocket. But after further investigation and investigation, other scientists had also confirmed that the debris did indeed come from the China-led Chang’e 5-T1 lunar mission.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs had rejected such claims. But the US Space Command had confirmed that the remains of Chang’e-5 were T1. It was an earlier mission to Chang’e-5 that the Chinese Foreign Ministry had claimed.

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