Round Out Your Eyes With Puppy Dog Eyeliner


Puppy dog eyeliner is a Korean beauty trend that aims to round out your eyes. It’s a flattering look for most eye shapes, especially for deep-set hooded or downturned eyes.

Unlike traditional cat eyeliner, a puppy flicks downwards and goes with your natural eye shape instead of against it. It’s easier to achieve than a winged liner and it gives your eyes a more youthful appearance.

How to Draw a Puppy Liner

Puppy dog eyeliner is a Korean makeup trend that creates a downward curve at the outer edge of your eyes. Essentially an inverted cat-eye look, puppy liner is flattering on all eye shapes, especially on downturned, deep-set, and hooded eyes.

YouTuber Wengie shares how to achieve this look with a simple flick of the liner. She recommends using an inky liner to define the upper lash line and swiping soft kohl along the waterline to enhance your pup-shaped eyeliner.

She also suggests extending the liner past the outer corner of your eye for dramatized puppy eyes. She suggests experimenting with this technique to determine the length that best compliments your eye shape.

Puppy eyeliner is a perfect match for hooded eyes because it doesn’t interfere with the eye fold and looks natural. But be sure to draw your liner in the same direction as your eye fold and don’t extend it too far or you’ll end up with droopy, tired-looking eyes.

Monolid Eyes

Monolid eyes are eyelids that do not have a crease separating the upper and lower lids. People with this type of eyelid also have an epicanthic fold, which covers the inner corner of the eye.

This skin fold reduces the opening between the upper and lower eyelids, making the eyes appear smaller. This type of eye shape is more common in Asian people.

If you have monolid eyes, there are some things you can do to make them pop more. For example, some makeup artists say that using bright colors can help accentuate the eyes, even if they’re small.

Another way to accentuate monolid eyes is to draw a winged liner. A recent TikTok video by Joni Sann features a simple technique to do just that.

She uses a pencil eyeliner in a black shade to line her eyelids. Once the lines are drawn, she fills in the space with an eyeshadow in a deeper shade. She then colors the wing to complete her look.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are a common condition that can be hereditary or caused by aging. They often occur at birth, but can also develop later in life due to head trauma or medical treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

There are a few different ways to fix hooded eyes, including makeup techniques and eyelid tape. But for long-lasting results, blepharoplasty is the best option.

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A hooded eye is the result of excess skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelids that covers the crease and mobile eyelid space, making it hard to see. The condition typically affects older patients, but some younger people are asking about treatment for hooded eyelids.

There are several non-invasive methods to treat hooded eyes, such as Botox, eyebrow thread lifts, and plasma fibroblast treatments. These are especially effective for younger patients or anyone who doesn’t want surgery.

Upturned Eyes

Whether your eyes are almond or hooded, a little puppy dog eyeliner can make a big impact. And, since it’s all about accentuating your natural eye shape, this is a makeup look that’s easy to achieve (and even easier on people with naturally upturned eyes).

The key to getting the upturned eyes to look right is to create an angled line on your lash line that curves downward and joins with your bottom line. To do this, add a narrow line at the outer corner of your eye that ends just past your crease, according to Daniel Chinchilla, celebrity makeup artist, and Maybelline brand ambassador.

Shikris also recommends a soft sultry smoky eye for enhancing this upturned eye look. “To do this, apply a light color like white or nude to open up the eyes and highlight your natural cat-eye shape,” she says.

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