Refresh Your San Diego Home Carpets with Professional Deep Cleaning

The plush carpeting throughout your home inevitably sees heavy foot traffic and use daily. Constant activity grinds in dirt, oils, allergens, sand-like grit and other contaminants that rob carpeting of its fresh look and which accelerate wear over time. To keep your San Diego carpets looking their best, improve indoor air quality, and maximize the carpeting’s lifespan, periodic deep cleanings from the experts at LJ Carpet Care are a must.

With recent years serving San Diego area homes, LJ Carpet Care leads the way in professional carpet care and cleaning. Our IICRC certified technicians utilize powerful truck-mounted steam cleaning systems and low-moisture extraction methods to lift away not only surface dust but also the damaging soils trapped deeper down that regular vacuuming simply cannot remove. We take special care to move furniture and thoroughly clean carpeting along baseboards, in corners, and underneath doors or stationary items other companies may miss.

Benefits of professional carpet cleaning for your home include:

Returns original vibrant colors – Years of accumulated dirt, oils and grime that daily activity grinds into carpet fibers eventually robs them of their original color vibrancy. Our deep cleaning techniques lift away this buildup to restore the rich, lively colors hiding underneath that you may have forgotten even existed!

Leaves carpets fresh and healthy – In addition to visual dirt, carpets also fill up with microscopic allergens, irritants, sand-like grit, and other damaging contaminants over time. Our steam cleaning sanitizes while our green-approved formulas deodorize and neutralize odors that vacuuming alone simply cannot treat at the base of carpet fibers.

Extends lifespan before replacement – The oils, soils and grit ground into home carpeting over time doesn’t just look bad. These abrasive contaminants also cause gradual damage to fibers much like sandpaper, leading to matting, crushing and fraying issues over time. Our cleaning lifts away this grippy buildup to maintain carpet resiliency and extend its usable lifespan by years.

Dries quickly to resume use – We utilize specialized rapid drying techniques so your household activities can resume quicker after cleaning. Using powerful truck-mounted wands in tandem with dehumidification fans and air movers, we can often dry wall-to-wall home carpeting within just 3-5 hours following steam cleaning.

Contact LJ Carpet Care at 858-349-4749 today to schedule superior carpet cleaning services for your home. Refresh and maintain your carpeting with the #1 cleaning company San Diego homeowners have trusted for over years! We have appointments available 7 days a week.

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