NASA is all set to find out if anyone on Mars can breathe through this futuristic technology

NASA has been at the forefront of studying and understanding Mars. Now the space agency wants to create a futuristic invention that will allow astronauts to breathe air there.

All of this is part of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, a long-term effort of robotic exploration of the Red Planet. Read below to understand NASA’s plans and how the agency’s Innovative Advanced Concepts program will help push the same agenda to new extremes.

NASA’s Future Plans for Oxygen Generation on Mars

NASA plans to come up with a remarkable kind of technology that can transform Mars’ air into breathable air. This development of the space agency is not only impressive, but will also help open new doors for researchers and astronomers to understand the planet in depth. NASA wants to assemble a portable oxygen generator that will rely on a process called thermal sorption/desorption, or TSSD. This would help produce the air we breathe on Earth, but on another planet. The thin air on Mars is not ideal for humans. Therefore, researchers from the space agency came to the possibility of creating breathable air.

NASA’s Mars Exploration Program

Mars Exploration Program (MEP) is a long-term effort to explore the planet Mars, funded and led by NASA. Founded in 1993, MEP has used orbital spacecraft, landers and Mars rovers to explore the possibilities of life on Mars, as well as the planet’s climate and natural resources. As a result of 40% cuts in NASA’s fiscal year 2013 budget, the Mars Program Planning Group (MPPG) was formed to help reformulate the MEP, involving leaders of NASA’s technology, science, human operations and scientific missions. getting together.

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