Infographic: Lab Grown Versus Earth Mined Diamonds

Diamonds are the favourites of many. Men and women across the globe love to adorn their jewellery such as Diamond eternity Rings, engagement rings, necklaces, bridal set rings UK, with this gemstone. Shining and sparkling with beauty and grace, diamonds are the love of masses across ages and across gender. But only few people know that the diamonds are of two kinds. The diamonds are of two kinds- lab grown and earth mined diamonds.

In order to get 1 carat of diamond of both kinds, there are different periods. If you want to get the lab mined diamonds, one has to wait for 6 weeks. While on the other hand to get the natural diamonds, 96 square feet of land is to be mined. This is the reason why there is huge difference between the price of both the diamonds. If we talk about the hardness of both the diamonds, both of them measure equally hard and acquire the number 10 on Mohs scale. Apart from the hardness, the thermal conductivity of both the diamonds is also the same. When the thermal conductivity of these diamonds is measured, both achieve equally which is 2000 W/m/K.

The brilliance of the gemstones also matters when it comes to the shine of the gemstone. Therefore, when we talk about the shine, the lab grown diamonds score better when it comes to brilliance as they are made according to needs. While in case of natural diamonds, the shine is less as it is naturally made and is therefore lesser in precision.

If you are interested in knowing more about the major differences between both diamonds, please read the infographic attached.

Here you will have a clear idea about both these diamonds and you will have the ability the choose which one is the best diamond for you.

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