Importance of IRON Program for International Nurses


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Nursing profession is consistently included in the Skill Occupation List (SOL)and Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) in Australia. It shows popularity and demand of qualified or registered nurses in the country. There is a growing demand for qualified nurses to deliver health care services to rising population. Hence, nursing is a good career option for international students who want to work in Australian health care industry. Studying nursing courses in Melbourne help international students to acquire global standard knowledge and skills. Nursing courses curriculums are meticulously developed to impart theoretical and practical skills to students as required in this profession. Access to qualified faculties, modern equipments, and practicing in modern hospitals improve career prospects of nurses, globally. Additionally, qualified nurses get more job

Tumore prostatico: la prognosi in base a stadio, grado e rischio
Tumore prostatico: la prognosi in base a stadio, grado e rischio
opportunities in the growing health care industry of Australia.  This is why international students love studying nursing courses in Australia.

IRON Program for International Qualified Nurses in Australia

Nurses take care of patients offering the best health care services, to be healthy again. Nursing profession is challenging but rewarding in Australia. Qualified nurses in Australia receive more pay and facilities than peers globally.  

Qualified nurses aren’t enough to meet rising demand of health care services in Australia. To maintain supply of qualified nurses in health care sectors, IRON program in Australia has been initiated by Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. It is a 13-week bridging program containing formal and live project training for international nurses based on Australian setting. This program aims to develop competent skills of nursing at par with Australian nurses. Upon successful completion of IRON program, nurses get registered from Australian Health Practitioners and Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and become ready to start a nursing career in Australia.

Reasons to Study IRON Program for International Nurses

To increase induction of international qualified nurse into workforce, IRON (initial registration of Overseas Nurses) program was started in Australia. As nursing profession is included in Skilled Occupation List (SOL), international nurses enjoy higher employability and easy migration to Australia after completing this program.

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