How to Use a Gantt Chart Online

You can use a Gantt chart to assign tasks to different people in real time, so you can easily see who is doing what at a glance. Each task bar in a Gantt chart can be colored differently to represent different team members, phases of the project, and different people. You can easily customize the Gantt chart to reflect your company’s specific needs. Here are some helpful tips to use a Gantt chart:


The Gantt chart serves as a live dashboard for project managers. It helps to generate reports for resource forecasting, time tracking, and risk assessment. You can customize each Gantt chart with different colors to reflect different tasks and attributes. For example, you can highlight a task by its owner, percent complete, or any other attribute. You can also share the charts with your team or client to give them a visual of the progress of your project.

Another great thing about the GoodDay Gantt chart is its ability to integrate with many of the common tools you already use. It can integrate with Google calendar and email, for instance. GoodDay also offers basic security features, including data encryption and centralized user management through a roles and permissions system. The website is hosted in secure data centers, and regular backups and audits are performed to protect your data. GoodDay also offers features such as subtasks, dashboards, and progress boards.

Another good option is the Tom’s Planner, a web-based Gantt chart that allows you to create your project roadmap. This tool supports multiple languages and has numerous integrations. The cost of a single user license is $297. For a team of more than one person, a monthly subscription costs $595. It gives you a high-quality Gantt chart that lists activities, resources, and statuses in columns.


Instagantt is a web tool that lets you create a professional-looking Gantt chart. You can add and schedule tasks on your chart to see the whole project at a glance. You can even track progress, assign subtasks and modify the order of tasks. The program also helps you create project-specific Gantt charts that highlight dependencies between tasks. Here are three ways that Instagantt can make your life easier.

One of the best features of Instagantt is its intuitive design. Anyone can create a Gantt chart without extensive training. It also streamlines communication, allowing you to leave notes on tasks, share feedback, and track team members’ time on tasks. This helps you measure productivity and create important data. You can even export your Gantt chart to a file for easier management. You can also use Instagantt to share charts with other team members.

Another cool feature of Instagantt is its integration with Asana. It allows you to view your project timeline and progress as it unfolds over time. With its integration with Asana, you can manage your projects as if they were full-fledged Gantt charts. This feature is especially useful if you’re managing multiple teams. It makes it easy to view team members’ workload, assign tasks and manage dependencies.


Using the ClickUp gantt chart online is as easy as pie. Its Gantt view also includes the Milestones (the diamond shapes that represent important milestones) and allows users to drag and drop them to reschedule the dependencies. The Gantt view also calculates the critical path progress of the project. Hovering over a progress bar displays a percentage for the project’s progress.

Its project management features include lists and sub-projects. With lists, you can create specific marketing pushes or sub-projects of larger projects. For example, HBO might create a project for season eight of Game of Thrones, then create a separate list for the pre-season marketing push. Another feature is the Tasks. These are your daily to-do lists. ClickUp lets you do several things at once with its multi-task toolbar.

In addition to its Gantt chart, ClickUp offers automations. You can use their whiteboard to collaborate seamlessly with team members. It also offers templates to prioritize tasks and display dependencies. The free plan also offers limited storage and goal-setting. ClickUp has a free version but limits the number of tasks and goals that can be tracked by a single user. This means that you’ll only be able to use certain features if you sign up for the paid plan.

Another popular free Gantt chart maker online is ClickUp. This online software makes it easy to create a Gantt chart, and it includes a built-in resource management facility. It also lets you manage tasks and timelines without the need to create a Gantt chart from scratch. ClickUp also includes an easy-to-use template to get started. It also supports multiple tasks, and has a bird’s-eye view for quick reference.


If you’re looking for a great Gantt chart online, look no further than StudioBinder. This application features easy-to-use controls for assigning tasks, tracking progress, and storing documents, files, and notes. Users can filter events by color, status, and due dates to find exactly what they’re looking for. You can even save and reuse calendar templates. You can also connect events and tasks, and automatically detect conflicts.

Creating your own Gantt chart is simple and free with StudioBinder. The online Gantt chart synchronizes with all of your production data, so you can easily create and modify it without much effort. StudioBinder provides a free template for Gantt charts, a Gantt chart template, and support for both desktop and mobile devices. The free version is designed for one project, while the paid version can accommodate a variety of projects.

Another great feature of an online Gantt chart is its ability to allow comments and attachments. Team members can add their comments and add files directly to the chart. When the window is closed, the information is collapsed and re-presented, allowing collaboration and communication. An online Gantt chart is an essential function for any team. Users can trust that their information is protected by high levels of security and are highly effective at data recovery.

Office Timeline

You don’t need to download and install anything to create a Gantt chart online, and this web application even allows you to import data from other tools. You can also edit and update the visuals of your timeline in real time. Once you’ve created a Gantt chart, you can download it as a PNG image or export it as an Excel spreadsheet. Once your chart is complete, you can easily share it with colleagues or clients.

Customize the style of your Gantt chart with the Style Pane. You can add company branding, choose a style for date formats and choose how long each task should last. You can also define a project’s working days. With the Style Pane, you can customize individual elements and assign properties to the entire timeline. This feature is extremely useful for project management. When creating a Gantt chart, make sure to include milestones to track your progress.

If you don’t have any experience with Gantt charts, you can try Office Timeline. It’s an excellent online tool that allows you to create visual project timelines and charts, whether you need to present them online or on your presentation slides. The program also allows you to customize the Gantt chart template by changing text, colors and dates. If you’re not confident in your Gantt chart creation skills, you can download a free online Gantt chart template and try it out.


You can create a gantt chart online with Edraw Max. The software comes with pre-designed templates for Gantt charts, project management, software UML layouts, and infographics. While infographics aren’t typically done well in technical diagramming software, Edraw Max makes it easy to create them with its template system. It also exports to popular formats, including PowerPoint, Word, and Excel, as well as transparent PNG Format. Moreover, Edraw Max includes an Office Viewer Component, which allows you to embed Edraw Max diagrams into Microsoft Office documents.

After selecting a template, you can edit the chart to add tasks, costs, and custom posts. The EdrawMax Gantt chart online allows you to add additional details, including tasks, costs, and schedules. You can even create a Gantt chart in Confluence with ease. All you need is an account with Edraw and click on the Project Management tab. You can also choose from among a variety of templates.

Edraw Project is another excellent tool for creating Gantt charts for your Windows PC. You can create multiple projects and view various reports with it. You can even export charts to Excel for further analysis. With Edraw Project, you can create and edit multiple Gantt charts, manage tasks, and allocate resources. There are a few advantages to using this tool, including its user-friendly interface. It can also help you create Gantt charts without spending too much time on learning. Finally, you can read more reviews about tech solutions for business and software on or to manage and grow your business.

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