How to find the best Henna Artist in Dubai UAE?


Mehndi often famous as Henna worldwide is an artistic design craved on hands, arms, fists, back, legs & feet. This application of henna on body parts originates from the history of Indian culture where men & women, kings & queens decorated their bodies with these unique designs of henna today popularly known as Mehndi designs in India & many other south Asian & Arabic countries.

Women in India love decorating themselves with these henna designs, this same culture is quickly adopted by the Arabic countries. In modern times weddings & engagement programs in Dubai often consist of a specialized corner of henna artists that freely apply henna designs to the guests. This makes your wedding or engagement a memorable occasion for your visiting guests.

There are many Mehndi artists in Dubai that crave some of the best designer Mehndi designs for weddings, engagements, parties, family functions, or bridal mehndi. If you are on the hunt for the best henna artist in Dubai then Henna by Nishi is the best henna designer in Dubai that provide the best henna designs for weddings, engagements, parties & other occasions.

Henna artists are currently in demand as the heat cools down in Dubai & the coming winter months with a ray of pleasant sunshine & slightly cool atmosphere are perfect conditions for weddings in Dubai. This creates a high demand for henna artists as there are weddings held every day in Dubai during these busy seasons.

Especially when it comes to decorating the bride & her mates, henna is a must. A beautiful henna design on the bride’s hands & feet symbols beauty & helps the bride look more attractive on her special day of the wedding. Even the colleagues, family, & close friends of the bride can attain themselves with designer mehndi or mehndi tattoos that consist of initials of someone dear to them or close to heart.

The benefits of applying henna for occasions & hiring a henna artist in Dubai are far beneficial but often arises a question arises how could you find the best henna artist in Dubai, below we discuss some of the key points to keep in mind before you hire a Mehndi artist in Dubai.

Finding Best Henna Artist in Dubai

It’s often a challenge when it comes to finding the best henna artist in Dubai for weddings, engagements, or any other occasions. The main reason it’s so challenging is that there are many henna artists in Dubai. The best way to know more about a particular Mehndi artist is to have more details about them. Everything can become online with just one click of your phone or laptop so let’s get started with some genuine tips on how can you find a good henna tattoo designer in Dubai or the best henna artist in Dubai.

Online Presence

In modern times having an online presence for a brand, or a business is a must. Almost every successful henna designer team today has a strong presence on the internet platform in to form of websites or social media. A very good way to know more about the henna artist team is to check their online presence such as their websites & social media, YouTube & other stuff.

Website Of the Artist

Every successful henna artist has a strong online presence, & having a high-quality website is the best way to showcase the strength of the henna artist. Top henna artists like Henna by Nishi have a very strong online presence & a high-quality website that showcases all the qualifications of the henna artist, team, henna designs & all services. Having a glance through the website can give you a healthy amount of information about the henna artist.

Google My Business

A very simple & efficient way of searching for the best henna artist in Dubai is to check the henna artists, google my business profile. Google provides every business information on its search engine. The business logo, services, description all information can be viewed here and the best part is you can also read the reviews of the customers on the henna artist services & the ratings for their business services. Checkout the Google My Business profile can be very helpful because only registered businesses have the right to have an online presence on Google My Business.

Social Media Channels

Last but not the least, checking out the social media handles of the henna artist can give you a healthy amount of information about the artist’s designs, reviews, how famous she is, & much more. Top henna artists in Dubai have a strong social media presence on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram you can also find a top designer henna tattoo in Dubai just by scrolling through social media profiles.

Best Henna Artist in Dubai

Henna By Nishi is a group of highly professional henna designers that crave some of the best designer henna in Dubai. Nishi Metha is a top-notch, certified & professional henna artist in Dubai that provides a wide range of henna designing services all under one roof. Henna By Nishi provides customized henna designing services for parties, engagements & weddings. The team of Henna by Nishi are also specialized in craving some of the most beautiful Arabic henna designs for bridal wear. Feel free to connect to NIshi Metha & team today as we are the best henna artists in Dubai that provide henna designing services at very competitive prices.

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