How to download twitter videos

Twitter is a social media platform where many videos, GIFs, and other things are posted everyday by users. This platform is used by people in different regions globally and some of them post their photos, videos, tweets, and GIFs on their account.

People post their moments of joy photos, videos, and GIFs with their family and friends. They can also tweet on a particular topic and others can reply to the tweet and react to it.

There are a lot of videos that are available on Twitter that is interesting, funny, and cute cat videos that must be saved permanently. You also want to save the memorable moments of friends but Twitter can’t save any post permanently in the device.

You need a Twitter video downloader tool for downloading Twitter videos and GIFs to save them permanently in your device.

Benefits of using a Twitter Video Downloader

Easy to Use

Twitter video download tool has a user-friendly interface that can be used by anyone for download Twitter videos and GIFs. You have to copy video or GIF address from Twitter. Paste the video address or GIF address in the input box and click the download button available with the box.

Free and Unlimited to Use

The Twitter video download is completely free to use and can be used multiple times for unlimited downloading of Twitter videos and GIFs.


You can access twitter video downloader on mobile devices, computers, laptops, and tabs of any operating system.

Fast Downloading

Save the Twitter videos and GIFs directly in the internal storage of your device in a faster way.

No Sign up

Download the Twitter videos and GIFs quickly and easily without sign up, log in, or registration.

All these benefits are present in the Twitter Video Download tool, we will know the complete information about it in the following.

Twitter Video Download

Twitter video download is the best Twitter video downloading tool that makes faster Twitter video and GIF downloading. It is developed with the technology of extracting the video and GIF from the video address and GIF address with a single click.

It has a user-friendly interface and available for free to everyone who are looking for the best platform for saving videos and GIFs from Twitter.

Makes downloading of Twitter videos and GIFs easier on any device such as Computers, Smartphones, Laptops, and Tabs of any operating system.

Easily Download Twitter Videos and GIFs on the Computer and Laptop Devices

1. Open in your browser but you need to copy the video or GIF address from Twitter platform.

2. Go to the Twitter website and search for the video and GIF that you want to download. Give a right-click on the video post or GIF post and an option will come Copy video address or Copy GIF address. Click it to copy video or GIF address.

3. Then visit the tab in which Twitter video download website is opened and paste the copied video or GIF address in it.

4. Click the download button and quickly it will display the video or GIF based on the link that was entered.

5. You can play the video or GIF on the website by clicking the play button available on the video or GIF.

6. It also provides Download buttons of different video resolutions. Click one of the Download button to start the downloading.

7. The video or GIF of Twitter will be downloaded and saved in your computer or laptop.

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As Twitter doesn’t have the option to download the videos, GIFs, or any post so you need a reliable tool for downloading Twitter videos and GIFs. Twitter Video Download tool is the finest Twitter

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