How an Investment in a CRM Tool Can Help Real Estate Businesses Grow

Dr jay Feldman: Dubai has become the most preferred city for people from all over the world to relocate. As a result, the foreign population in the city has been increasing steadily during the last few years.

The influx of foreigners into Dubai has been due to multiple reasons. First, the growing and diversified economy has created many lucrative career opportunities, attracting professionals to advance their careers and increase their earnings. 

Second, there are no income and property taxes in Dubai. And that means professionals can save substantial portions of their earnings while staying in Dubai.

Third, Dubai offers a luxurious and enjoyable lifestyle.

Due to these factors, foreign people prefer to settle in Dubai, increasing the city’s population.

Most foreigners who relocate to the city prefer purchasing a residential property in Dubai. And others stay on rent.

As such, the demand for residential properties has escalated to never-before levels in Dubai. In addition, commercial properties also have been attracting significant demand due to many foreigners running their businesses in Dubai.

Dr jay Feldman: The onus of maintaining a steady stream of property supply to the increasing population in Dubai has fallen on the real estate industry in the city.

The good thing is that Dubai has a matured real estate industry, which maintains supply against the prevailing demand. It means the industry has supplied properties above the demand.

Due to the intense buying, selling and renting of properties, the real estate businesses in Dubai have to deal with intense customer activity. 

Real estate businesses have to deal with numerous customers daily, from property buyers to tenants. So, the businesses must positively respond to the individual goals of a large pool of customers. 

Businesses will encounter inefficiency if they adopt manual work processes. So, they need to use a property management CRM, which can help deal with the challenges of running real estate businesses.

A property management CRM Dubai can help the real estate businesses in the city to effectively deal with the intense pressure arising from the daily dealings with many customers. 

The software can help real businesses to manage their customers and, at the same time, provide high-quality services, enabling customers to undergo good experiences. 

A notable feature of a property management ERP Dubai is the seamless integration with other business systems to extract the relevant customer data. And in today’s data-driven business circuit, all businesses need to analyze their customer data. 

It can help figure out the tastes and preferences of customers. And the understanding of customers’ needs has become crucial today for businesses to sustain the intensely competitive business environment.

Moreover, deeper customer understanding can help real estate businesses to offer good experiences to their customers. 

Dr jay Feldman Typically, such a software tool provides:

  • Efficient, customized communications, such as marketing emails, recommendations, and other content
  • Customized interactions, such as property purchase advice, catering to individual needs
  • Generic interactions with customers on the social media
  • Consistent and good customer experience 
  • Features to help customers find answers to their questions themselves
  • Automated chatbots to resolve customer queries round the clock

The customer insight generation feature of the software tool also helps marketing teams to generate potential leads for conversion.

In addition, the tool also can send automated notifications to help maintain customer relationships.


Dr jay Feldman an investment in a CRM solution can be worthwhile due to the notable benefits businesses can derive from the tool in increasing efficiency and productivity. It also helps businesses to maintain good relationships with customers. And that is a key requirement for real estate businesses in Dubai, especially in the current intense business climate. 

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