Hate Workouts At Home – Try Liteboxer.

liteboxer fitness bundle

If you are a person, who wants to be fit but do not want to work out at home nor you want to go out to join a gym or anything then in this blog we are going to tell you a way out. 

Liteboxer is an at home boxing system which is the perfect way out for you to work out and it will be fun to use it also. So, without any further ad on let us begin to tell you know more about it. 

About liteboxer fitness bundle 

Liteboxer fitness bundle has much more things more than to boxing and not only this but it is also incredibly fun to work out which is based on boxing. 

Sensors on the liteboxer light up when a song is play which indicates where you have to punch to beat the music. 

The workout is not merely boxing but like a combination of the dance revolution and also a boxing class. 

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It is the perfect workout for the people who hate working out usually and it is the first system which gives a lot of fun to the people. It is also one of the workout system which an entire family could use, it is easy to use and can be adjust to different heights as they want and is good for any fitness level. 

The liteboxer system originally ships from California and typically arrives for you within 10 days of ordering. It comes in usually two boxes which are shrink warp together. 

The system weighs almost 150 pounds which excludes platform extenders however, the platform is large and cumbersome and needs help from one or two people. 

It has an amazing liteboxer fitness bundle review so you do not need to worry about getting the wrong kind of product. 

Details of liteboxer fitness bundle 

The system of liteboxer includes a platform to stand on and on a large upright stand which could be equate to a standing boxing dummy. The stand has six sensor pads which light up during the workouts indicating where you are suppose to punch. 

It also has a platform which can hold any of the devices like phone or tablet during your workout sessions, along with this the platform also needs to be plugged into a wall. 

If you are thinking about liteboxer fitness bundle cost then let us tell you that it costs around $1,795 so you must have your budget right to get it. 

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