Darkest Dungeon 2: How To Upgrade Skills

In Darkest Dungeon 2, players will probably base their character builds around fantastic talents. Characters will have a variety of fantastic capabilities at their disposal, but only a small number of those skills are used on a consistent basis. It is wrong to leave these abilities at their fundamental level.

Prior to receiving an upgrade that transforms them into exceptional abilities, many talents aren’t even that excellent. The difficulties of Darkest Dungeon 2 can only be conquered by a team operating at their peak efficiency. This implies that improving abilities must be a key aspect of the game.

How To Upgrade Skills

  1. Get to an Inn.
  2. Select the Mastery Trainer tab.
  3. Choose a hero.
  4. Select the desired ability to upgrade.
  5. Drift Hunters

With a fully-upgraded stagecoach, getting from Inn to Inn shouldn’t be as difficult. Once arriving, click the button for the Mastery Trainer at the bottom of the screen. Players can then cycle through their heroes, examining their abilities, and choosing which ones to upgrade.

By hovering over the skill, players can see what the skill does at the moment and what it will do after being upgraded. All skills get better but some take a gigantic step forward. Start with core skills that see regular use in combat.

How To Get Mastery Points

  • Large chance to get a Mastery Point from a main battle victory
  • Small chance to get a Mastery Point from a road battle victory

Various patches and updates seem to have adjusted the odds of winning a Mastery Point. As of this writing, the community seems to believe there is a one in two chance of winning a Mastery Point from a main battle (nodes on the map labeled as combat encounters) and a one in eight chance of winning a Mastery Point from roadside skirmishes. Personal experience backs this up.

If players want to farm up Mastery Points for their whole party, target these nodes with the stagecoach. The best heroes in the game shine when they’ve got all five of their abilities mastered. Combat is always dangerous but the rewards are usually enough to compensate.

Darkest Dungeon 2 is available now for PC.

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