6 Tips For Beginners In Stalcraft


Having trouble avoiding enemies and making it through battles? Learn how to do well in the world of Stalcraft as you play.

Stalcraft looks like a simple first-person shooter at first, but it has a lot of customization options and enemies that make it deeper and harder than you might think. Some quests may be hard, so you’ll need to know how they work and how to get points to help you get through.

Even though the game seems hard and may catch you off guard at first, there are some things to keep in mind that will help you get through it, find your way around the world map, and stay away from radioactivity so you can finish the different quests.

Choose Your Preferred Firing Style

You can choose between single, fully automatic, and burst shooting when you play Stalcraft. Each has pros and cons to keep in mind, so look at them all and decide which one you like best.

Shooting StyleWhat It DoesWhen To Use It
SingleEvery time you use it, you only get one shot.Use this one if you want to hit the target in the head. This choice is best when used with a shooter.
Full AutomaticAs long as you hold down the button, the gun keeps firing.When you plan to fight an enemy with a lot of health. With machine guns, the choice helps.
BurstYou will fire a few shots as fast as you can.A good choice in the middle that lets you kill multiple monsters with more health at once. Use pistols and weapons for this one.

Even though each shooting style has its place, you might want to stick with one most of the time to make sure you’re comfortable with at least one and only switch to the others when the case calls for it.

Look For Other Players And Their Hideouts

As the player hides in the trees in Stalcraft, they see a Bandit Camp in the distance.
When the training is over, you’ll have to choose between the Stalkers and the Bandits. If you run into the enemy group in the world, you can fight them, and they can also attack you. So, instead of running around to your goals, you should look around for enemy hideouts and signs of them.

When an enemy or animal hides out, a red icon will show up on your screen.

In short, you need to be more careful the closer you get to these groups. But you won’t have to worry as much about places where animals can hide. Even though they will fight you when they get close, they are not real players. Instead, they are controlled by AI. Even if you get good at Drive Mad game, it only takes a few strong enemies to kill you.

If enemies are coming after you, run and jump away. This not only gives you a chance to escape them, but also makes you better at avoiding them. Since you can’t sprint and run sideways at the same time, running to the side will slow you down. Your best chance of getting away is to run fast, jump, and use first-aid tools whenever you get hurt.

Run straight into the nearest woods and hide behind the trees to keep them from seeing you.

If you don’t know if you’ve found an enemy or a non-player character, move over them and press the Tab button. If you lock on to them and their health goes red, they are enemies. A unit that doesn’t pose a danger, on the other hand, will have a green health bar.

Watch Anomalies And Time Your Bolts

In Stalcraft, the player throws a bolt into a whirlpool to avoid taking damage.
All over the world of Stalcraft, strange things happen, and you’ll need to use your bolts to stop them. Vortices, electricity, and other dangers can kill you quickly, so you have to move quickly and throw out the bolts to deal with them. Even though it might look like you can throw them a lot to get through the anomalies, doing so will hurt you.

Instead, you should step back and throw a single bolt at the oddities. See how it responds to the item so you know when to run through it. For example, the tornado will stop working when the ring starts to grow. You can’t run through electricity until it goes out for a moment, so watch for these changes.

Focus On Quests And Your HQ

Start as many side tasks as you can as you go through the main quests. This will help your image, which will give you more opportunities. Look for the yellow or purple signs on your screen to find new people, help them with their tasks, and move up in the HQ.

Up to level 5, each level of your HQ will give you more rewards. Here are some of the perks of being at the fifth level.

  • Getting all of the items that a store has for sale.
  • Getting 50% more money from the sales of your artefacts and mutant parts.
  • Getting the big storage space.
  • Getting savings of 20% on repairs.
  • Getting savings of 50% on research.
  • Adding space to your store.

It will take some time to level up, so stay close to the area, focus on the tasks, and make the most of the benefits.

Organize Your Inventory Regularly

To carry things in Stalcraft, the player looks through their inventory and sorts them.
In Stalcraft, your inventory is built on a grid, which means you can move your items around and arrange them to make the most of your space. For example, you’ll find guns that are four by two, so if you have two, you can line them up. Use the eight squares in each row of your inventory carefully.

To make the most of the room, you’ll need to think about your first-aid kits, bullets, and other small items. It comes down to looking at your inventory, figuring out where you want to put your items, and doing your best to take as much as possible.

Also, you might want to use the loot all button when looting corpses to speed up the process. This works well, but you should look at your stock in a safe place to see how you can make it work better. After all, you don’t want to get a lot of items and run out of room while trying to finish tasks.

Use Your Personal Storage Before Leaving The Base

To get ready for a quest in Stalcraft, the play goes through their stores and items.
When you first get access to your personal storage, you’ll find different things there to help you get ready for tasks. You have a pouch with bullets, a box with bombs, and a bag with first-aid supplies. When you use these, you’ll get more bullets, bombs, and first-aid kits right away.

But you can only take a certain amount of weight at once, so you won’t want to use all of your items at once. Instead, you should check your ability and keep it below the “Slight Overload” limit. If you do this, you’ll have room if you find any useful gear after you leave the base.

FPS games can be harder than you think, especially when you have to fight and try to complete tasks. But if you know how the processes work and use them right, you’ll find Stalcraft easier than you thought.

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