6 Interesting Facts About Code Talker In Metal Gear Solid


Code Talker is a very interesting character, like a lot of the ones in Metal Gear Solid.

Metal Gear Solid is a series that fans love because it is both ground-breaking and original. It is also a very big series. Every time a new game comes out, the people who make it go above and beyond to make sure it has beautiful graphics, clever, difficult puzzles to solve, and a great plot. MGS has done a great job of making sure that each story has new and interesting characters. Code Talker is one of these characters.

The scientist with white hair and wrinkles who uses a wheelchair and goes by the name George is a Native American who has done both smart and stupid things in the past. As a secondary character in MGS, it’s not surprising that Code Talker is a bit mysterious and that the game’s story doesn’t tell you everything right away.



A big part of the story of Code Talker is that he is a Native American. Code Talker is from the Navajo tribe, and a lot of what he does is based on his background. The Navajo tribe comes from the southwest of North America. They have a long history of music, rituals, oral customs, and ideas. Language is another part of Navajo past that is important to the story of MGS V and helps this last art form develop.

Good old George, also known as “Old Diné,” is a Navajo elder who is very proud of his culture and deeply linked to it. Code Talker sometimes wears traditional Navajo clothes and jewellery. And he often uses the language he loves to talk in riddles that show what his culture means to him.



At the height of World War II in 1942, men were forced to join a top-secret Marine Corps team to make a code that the Nazis couldn’t break. The U.S. military chose 29 guys from the Navajo tribe because they were native to the area. And they had to use their own language to make the code. From then on, they were called “Code Talkers.”

In the world of MGS V, it seems like Code Talker was one of these members. Which is where he got his name. As a child, Code Talker was given the name George instead of his real name.


You could say that Mr. Code Talker, also known as George, likes Parasites. Parasites, viruses, and other such things have not only been his life’s work, but they also keep him alive. George was born in the 1880s. But he has lived longer than his years because he and his bugs work well together.

Code Talker depends on these bugs, which he found while doing autopsies, for everything. They have replaced many of his organs and now serve as his eyes. George wanted to use these parasites to help the bad guy in Eggy Car game, Skull Face, do bad things, but he ended up getting affected himself.


George’s love for his home language doesn’t come as a surprise. Since he works hard to keep his people’s culture and art alive. Also, it is a language that drives many of the things he does. George was an expert in the Navajo language and was eager to keep it alive. He may have been part of the group that made the Navajo code during World War II.

Code Talker loves the language of his people as much as he hated the U.S.A. for how it treated Native Americans when he was young. Losing more and more of the Navajo language is a big reason why he does bad things.


In the background of Code Talker, he did a bunch of bad things because he hated the U.S.A., language, autopsies, and viruses. Skull Face hired George, a biologist, to do some bad things and get payback on those who had hurt his people.

As a biologist, Code Talker studied parasites and did an autopsy on The End, a biological superweapon made by humans. From this study, he made a virus that he would use to get the revenge he wanted. Skull Face told Code Talker to change the Vocal Cord Virus. The change Code Talker made would target the English language and wipe it out on Earth. George’s science mistakes include injecting himself with the photosynthetic parasite from The End to learn more.


Even though it’s not clear, George was on a Marine Corps team called the Code Talkers. He’s not proud of how the team used the Navajo language. Still, if he was a member, which seems likely. He did a good thing when he helped bring down the Nazi war machine.

Code Talker lied and denied his actions when he found out that Skull Face wanted to use the virus to wipe out every language except English. During the events of MGS V, George is asked to deal with the virus he helped create. From Mother Base, Code Talker finds the people who speak Kikongo who have the Vocal Cord Virus and cures them.

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