5 Fastest Cars In Grid Legends

In any racing game, players are always trying to find the best and fastest car at the end of it all, and these are the best options

Following the success of its previous installment in 2019, the team at Codemasters look to up the ante on what it means to provide an immersive racing gaming experience. With the release of GRID Legends in 2022, players are able to get behind the wheel of over 120 vehicles across a deep selection of class types to cater to all racing fans.

The collaboration between Codemasters and Electronic Arts features an expansive career mode, a deep roster of vehicles, and an immersive story mode. But, much like many of the other reputable racing titles with an impressive array of different vehicles, the question begs as to which cars pound-for-pound come out on top. Combining power, acceleration, and handling, there is a pool of elite vehicles in GRID Legendsthat would be tough to beat on any track under any conditions.

Tushek TS 900 Racer Pro

One of the elite members of the Electric car category in GRID Legends, manufacturers Tushek have remodeled their TS 900 to be lighter, faster, and more streamlined than ever. Boasting very solid ratings across all key categories, this car is a well-rounded and reliable source of speed and is tough to best on any racetrack.

With its sleek, aerodynamic design and emphasis on both handling and acceleration, the TS 900 Racer Pro will be hot out of the gates and maintain a solid top speed to keep it neck and neck with some of the best racers in the game. To unlock the Tushek TS 900 Racer Pro, 1v1 LOL players will need to complete Hybrid Hypercar Event 1.

Lotus Evija

Another high-quality Electric speedster, the Lotus Evija is arguably the best all-around racer on paper in GRID Legends. With an impressive rating in power, acceleration, braking, and handling, there are few weaknesses in the Lotus’ slick and streamlined design.

The Lotus’ electric engine purrs quietly enough that one could likely speed through a suburban street at 1 am at 200 km/h without waking the neighborhood dogs. While race fans give up the classic auditory experience of a standard race car, the smooth handling and quick-off-the-mark pace of the Evija makes up for it and then some. This car can be unlocked by completing Lotus E Cup Event 1.

Cadillac DPi-V.R

Cadillac makes an appearance among GRID Legends’ speediest, proving that a car doesn’t need to put its foot down on power ratings to get to the finish line first. Their contribution to the game, the Cadillac DPi-V.R, features a monumental level of acceleration, complemented by equally formidable handling, to provide a very well-rounded driving experience.

The DPi-V.R almost kisses the tarmac to minimize wind resistance, which contributes to the elite acceleration rating, making it difficult to beat off the blocks. Players will need deep pockets to unlock the Cadillac, as the car is valued at 140,500 in-game credits.

Jupiter Formula X

The first entry from the Open Wheel Racing category, the Jupiter Formula X represents the incredible variety of car classes in the game and goes to show that fast cars come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The Formula X doesn’t pack a huge amount of punch as far as power is concerned, but it’s not needed given the vehicle’s lightweight body. Where it does excel is in its ability to take off in a heartbeat, and it handles as well as players would expect from an F1 car. To get behind the wheel of the Jupiter Formula X, players will need to best the Formula X Event 1.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX Time Attac

Showcasing the range that Mitsubishi can provide with their Lancer model, this car is far removed from its comfortable family counterpart. From the Tuner series, the Lancer Evolution IX Time Attack is a compact AWD model with plenty of speed to burn.

The Lancer Evolution handles remarkably and does not require drivers to sacrifice as much speed to avoid spinning out or hugging the wall. One disadvantage players may find, however, is the enormous spoiler on the back with a wing span that would make an albatross blush. For those using a camera behind the car, this feature may obscure some competitors during tight corners or close encounters. For a cool 123,250 in-game credits, players can be burning the Lancer’s rubber in no time.

Players who jump straight into the GRID Legends story mode will be familiar with this car. The Beltra Enduro 24 T is the first car players get to drive in the opening race of the Driven to Glory storyline. Beltra might be a fictional manufacturer, but their GT class car drives like a dream.

The low-riding design features wide-set wheels to maintain balance and a body that includes what could be best described to non-driving enthusiasts as a Valvoline-branded mohawk. Despite its fictional origins, the Enduro 24 T looks, sounds, and feels very much like the real deal. Players can jump into the Beltra Enduro 24 T once they complete GT Class 1 Event 1.

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