5 Best Undead Builds In Hearthstone Battlegrounds


Want to get better at Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 3’s new Undead monster type? We’ll take care of you.

In Season 3 of Hearthstone Battlegrounds, a new type of minion called Undead has been added to the arena. With these new minions, the game can be played in a whole new way. Undead cards depend on a lot of synergy with Reborn and some strong late-game cards that can compete with some of the best endgame builds in Hearthstone Battlegrounds game.

This guide tells you about some of the best Undead decks and cards you can use to win games. It tells you when to buy cards, how to find minions from the tier above, and what kind of perfect boards you need to try for to win.

Eternal Knight Build


The best way to build a strong Eternal Knight is to get these early (they’re on the second tier of the tavern) and then level up quickly so you can get at least one of the seven Eternal Summoners. These tier six minions are probably one of the best in Hearthstone Battlegrounds game right now. They can be very, very strong even if you haven’t been levelling up your Eternal Knights from earlier in the game.

The best way to set up your board is with buffed Risen Riders that act as taunts and protect your Summoners so they can get their full value (the most Eternal Knights) and Soulsplitters that give your Summoners rebirth. There are more Eternal Knights when there are more reborns.

Sister Deathwhisper Build


The Sister Deathwhisper build is very strong, but it really depends on having Reborn minions ready to go and a board full of Undead. Soulsplitter and Handless Forsaken are great minions that work well together. But a buffed Deathrunner Blanchy will also work well in this build.

It’s strong enough that you can switch to a full Undead build once you get it. But if there are a lot of other Undead players in the room, you might have a hard time.

Mid-Range Ghoul Of The Feast Build

We didn’t think Ghoul Of The Feast would be a very good card, but when it’s used right. It can make a huge difference in the pace of the game. Tempo is a term for when you get a quick (and usually brief) edge over other players in Funny Shooter 2 game. This can help you level up quickly and get cards from the higher bar tiers that are important for your build.

Like many other Undead cards, this one needs a bit of teamwork. You need some units that give Avenge triggers and enough different types of minions for this to be useful. This card works well with both Mechs and Beasts, as well as Reborn corpses.

Early Hungering Abomination Build

Even though we didn’t rate Hungering Abomination that highly at first. We now think it’s a good enough card to build a top-four deck around. To make this card work, you need to get it early and have at least some Avenge interaction ready to go. This doesn’t have to mean “Reborn Undead.” It could mean “Mechs with Menace” or “Beasts with Rats.”

You also shouldn’t count on the Hungering Abomination alone. But it can be a good way to get very high stats on a single unit, which can help you switch to other late-game builds. It can go with strong units like Sister Deathwhisper in a late-game Reborn Undead build.

Counters To Undead Builds

Sin’dorei Straight Shot is the best way to stop Undead Reborn builds, mostly because so many Reborns also have Taunt. Sin’Dorei takes away both Taunt and Reborn, which can make some of these builds impossible to use.

Big cleaves, especially Elemental Wildfire with a stacked elemental build, can also mess up builds that depend on multiple reborns. Mega Windfury Elementals are also very good at killing minions who are getting stronger in the middle of a fight.

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