4 Ways to Stop Your Pesky Pup from Drinking from The Toilet Bowl

Stop Your Pesky Pup from Drinking from The Toilet Bowl

It might not be long ago when you heard your canine fur baby slurping something in the bathroom. That sound coming from the bath area means your puppy may have been busy quenching its thirst from the toilet bowl.

The very thought can make people nauseous, and it is surprising how and where a fur baby may get such an idea from. The whole episode can seem funny, unsanitary, and confusing at the same time for pet owners witnessing a never-before antic like this.

You can’t rule out infections, parasitic attacks, and other health hazards when your four-legged friend drinks from the toilet bowl. It could be some potentially dangerous pathogen thriving in the water or a chemical cleaner poured freshly into the bowl that can put your fur companion’s health at risk.

In a case like this, take your pup to the nearest pet emergency hospital or vet clinic for quick medical assistance. You can peacefully focus on your furry pet’s treatment in times like these and many others if you have pet insurance.

Dog insurance helps tackle unplanned pet health expenses efficiently during non-routine vet visits and medical emergencies, which is why you must consider buying a policy. Meanwhile, read this article to learn why puppies drink from the toilet and how to put an end to this bad habit.

Why do puppies drink from the toilet?

Puppy might be on the lookout for fresh water and accidentally find it in abundance in your bathroom in a white bowl. While we humans know fresh is not a word to be associated with toilet water, our fur babies simply treat it as a convenient source of cool hydration.

The water in your dog’s bowl may not be considered too fresh, keeping in mind that it has stood there for a while, turned warm, and probably contains dust or other particles. From your puppy’s perspective, the water in the toilet is comparatively fresh and, therefore, appealing.

Another reason could be that your furry baby has exhausted the water in its bowl, is still thirsty, and is seeking another water source and finds it in the bathroom.

How to put an end to this habit?

Follow the below-mentioned tips to curb your puppy’s pesky drinking habit.

1.Close the lid

Closing the toilet lid is a quick solution to check this habit. Preventing access can save your pet from a lot of trouble.

2.Keep the door closed

Close the bathroom door after use, and even better, consider locking it. This way, you can prevent access to the toilet and keep your pup safe. Inform your family members and guests in the house to follow the same rule.

3.Use lid locks

You can also consider installing a lock on the lid, and rest assured that there is no way for your furry baby to get to the water in the bowl and drink from it. You can buy one easily online or in local hardware stores. A toilet lid lock is easy to install and inexpensive.

4.Refill water bowl

Check your puppy’s water bowl now and then throughout the day. Change the water or refill the bowl as and when necessary. Install a pet water fountain or add an automatic water dispenser to encourage your furry baby to drink fresh water from the right places.

Hydration is crucial to your furry baby’s health. Drinking too little or contaminated water can negatively impact your furry friend’s health and wellbeing. In any case, consider being prepared with pet insurance because not all health issues are unavoidable, and some require extensive testing, expensive treatments, and medications.

Contemplate purchasing dog insurance so your little pupper is covered for basic health care that can be essential during distressing health situations and emergencies.

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