24k Sculptures for your new home and offices. Where can I find them?      

The sculpture is the part of the visual arts that works in three dimensions. Thus it’s the most obvious choice to call it that

. The three-dimensional art form known as the sculpture is distinguished by its physical presence in height, width, and depth dimensions.

A sculpture is one of the most important categories of visual and fine art. You’ll find this article useful if you are looking here to find 24k gold sculptures for your new home and offices. These sculptures can be found in different online jewelry in Singapore.

What to consider when looking for 24k gold sculptures for your new home and offices

Size and weight

Even while the size is more readily apparent than weight, it is still vital to consider both. Where exactly will it be sitting in your house, and is there any possibility it might topple over? Will it sit comfortably if it is smaller and hence needs to sit on something?

How do the dimensions of the sculpture compare to those of the other items and pieces of furniture in the room? A word of advice from the pros: Put something with dimensions comparable to those in the place you want to test, and then leave it there for a few days. This can be a really helpful way of visualizing what the sculpture will look like and how it will feel in the space where it will be displayed.


Along with your research phase, determining a budget is a vital aspect to consider. The price of a sculpture will vary depending on its size, its material, and the artist who made it.

You can choose a stunning sculpture that is within your price range and does not require you to empty your savings account.

24k Sculptures for your new home and offices

Below is a list of 24k gold sculptures you can buy from Riis for your new home or office.

Guardian of Joy

As the excited child gets ready to go on a new adventure, he is full of hope and feels like it is floating on cloud nine.

With success within reach, it predicts a year with no problems, where every step forward makes wishes come true.

It gives off life and goes higher as it joyfully holds the Ruyi Scepter, which signifies wealth.

It is a lively item that has been carefully made and covered in the best 24K Swiss Gold. It is a great gift idea for women that opens new doors and turns every obstacle into a happy success. The Swiss Museum of Applied Arts in Zurich has this piece.

Northern Prince Eagle

As the strong wind blows against its wide wings, the majestic Golden Eagle sharpens its strong claws to get ready for the hunt.

The Northern Prince is a powerful symbol of power and the Golden Majesty, as he stands as a proud emblem high in the bright blue skies above the huge valleys.

Maharaja Elephant (PD)

People walking heavily through the Asian jungles can be heard for miles away. As the people in the kingdom go their separate ways, a huge elephant casts a huge shadow across the land.

The core of this very complicated sculpture is a high-tech composite material, and it is covered in palladium.

Elephants have been a sign of the power of kingdoms and empires for a long time, especially the power of the Maharajas of India.

RISIS has made a very detailed sculpture covered in the best 24K Swiss Gold. This sculpture shows how these gentle giants are like kings and queens.

Raging Bull

 As the huge bull lowers its head to get ready to charge forward, its eyes become fixed in a look full of deep resolve and determination.

This magnificent sculpture, inspired by the hardworking bull, shows the great bull’s pure tenacity, determination, and strength.

Mini Orientals – Tiger

The Tiger has a strong body and a clever mind, which makes it a natural-born leader with all the qualities of a real sovereign.

They aren’t afraid of anything and are full of passion. Most people think of them as a symbol of loyalty.

It is made to perfection, wrapped in Swiss gold of 24 carats in a complicated way, and wins with its optimism and generosity while pushing the limits with the most charming charm.

Vitality Monkey

On the verge of becoming an adult, the mature macaque monkey takes a short break to enjoy the fruits of his labor and show his gratitude that his persistence and hard work have paid off so well.

It’s a sign of luck and plenty because the monkey sits on two tasty mandarin oranges and a chestnut with a copper-colored finish.

The well-known Tang calligraphy style of Huai Su was used to make the Chinese characters carved into the chestnut, which was wishes for good luck.

Vitality shows that the monkey has a strong will, calm confidence, and good luck.

Triumphant Horse

Some horses will try to win a race on their own, and these are the ones that will run even faster if they are told to.

This type of thoroughbred is known for his strong lungs, willingness to keep going, and ability to win.

The idea of speed inspired the design of Victory, which has a 24K Swiss gold case with a satin finish and a granite base.

Blessings, Dog (G)

A blessing is a Tibetan terrier. It is from a family of dogs so valuable that you can’t buy them.

The Tibetan terrier is said to bring unimaginable good luck and can only be given as a special gift.

It has Ruyi symbols on its paws, and each step it takes is supposed to pave the way to success and grant wishes simultaneously.

Valour Ox

Valour pays homage to the reflection of this majestic Ox galloping into the New Year with confidence and dreams because the Ox’s unstoppable spirit inspired it.

It shows that one is fully committed to getting what one wants and starting over with awe-inspiring optimism by standing firmly on the ground with their legs pointing up.

Celebrate lucky starts and the good luck that comes with every chance that works out.

Each piece of Valour is made with great care until it is perfect. This makes it a work of art that should be treasured.

The Magnificent Celestial

The regal rabbit, a shining sign of success, seems to be in a good mood as it hops around on a globe map, happy about its bright prospects and eager to move toward a better future.

After flying past the lucky cloud, it lands on top of amber Liu Li Mountain, making models of beautiful landscapes and tumbling waterfalls meant to represent wealth and plenty.

On the side of the Liu Li Mountain is a carving of an elephant, which stands for the hope of a peaceful and prosperous life.

The Magnificent Celestial is a meaningful gift that will bring many blessings because it is made by hand with great care and is covered in the best 24K Swiss Gold. It also shows how much RISIS cares about getting things right, which makes it a great corporate gift idea.

Each piece is a perfect work of art that was painstakingly made and covered in the best 24K Swiss gold. This makes it a good gift idea for men for the coming year of growing wealth.

Concord Horse

Concord horse is the perfect gold sculpture to represent a special relationship. You will benefit from the horse’s strength, speed, and grace, which are better than your own.

In exchange, you bring your better sense of direction, intelligence, and understanding to the relationship.

The most important thing can only be done if you work together. Neither of you could do it on your own.

Casting is done with pewter covered in beautiful 24K Swiss gold and given an antique copper shine.

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