12 Negative Impacts Of Stopping SEO On Your Business

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) infuses life into your business and stopping SEO can have a negative impact on your business growth. A business hires an SEO company in London to ensure that its website ranks higher on SERPs which results in higher traffic. More traffic can translate into more conversions. But if the business owner decides to stop SEO after some time, then the business will have to face negative implications.

What Will Happen If You Stop Doing SEO?

Your hired SEO services company in London can breathe life into your website. But if you decide to go otherwise, your business growth can get hampered. Let’s understand the implications of pausing SEO for some time or stopping it completely.

1. When you stop doing SEO, your team will not be creating any new content for your business. This might result in your rankings falling over time as you would not rank on new and relevant keywords. 

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2. No new content means no more backlinks from high authority websites. If the content on your website is not revised and refreshed, why would someone want to link back to your site? This would result in lower rankings.

3. It will also impact negatively your social media platforms as users will not engage with your posts. Your followers and customers will start believing that your website doesn’t even exist as it might just stop appearing in search results.

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4. If there is no new blog and updated content on your website, you will not be able to engage with the returning customers for long. When users see the same old content, they will soon lose interest in your site.

5. A smaller number of internet users will find your website when they search for your industry related keywords.               

6. When your team stops doing SEO for your website, in that case, nobody will be concerned about the issues related to the technical SEO. 

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7. An SEO company in London takes care of the technical issues as well. But when you pause the work, then there is no one to regularly audit your site using tools such as Moz. Also, have you wondered, who will be tracking your site rankings and backlinks?

8. There will be no expert to track technical issues for your web store using Google Search Engine.

9. This can result in your pages not getting indexed properly or your site’s speed getting slow. Your site might not open seamlessly on all types of smart devices. And there would be nobody to handle the server issues.

10. Google keeps updating its algorithm on a routine basis. SEO experts are trained to keep an eye on it and improve the website accordingly.

11. SEO experts also check if your website’s content is not getting duplicated by any other sites. They then immediately contact the offending site to remove the content from their site. They keep your website’s content updated.

12. When your team stops doing SEO, then your organic traffic goes down. You can check Google Analytics to compare with the traffic you were receiving earlier. Regular blogs can increase the organic traffic to your website.   In the long run, you will notice that if you discontinue the SEO on your website then your rankings will go down drastically. This will hamper your business growth. So it is better not to stop your SEO and social media marketing agency from working on your website.

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